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Great Learnings from Investor Dolly Khanna

Dolly Khanna is a renowned name in the Indian stock market. She's a Chennai-based Investor. Dolly Khanna is known to acquire a landmark in the stock market.

The year 1990 was the first time when Dolly Khanna entered the stock market and today she has become an Ace Investor.

Her husband, Mr. Rajiv Khanna manages her Investment Portfolio.

Apart from the Stock Investing, In 1986, Dolly and Rajiv launched a frozen yogurt company named “Kwality Milk Foods”. Subsequently to raise capital for further investment; Kwality Milk Food was sold to Hindustan Unilever in 1995.

Furthermore, Dolly Khanna clocked multibagger returns of ~10x in one of the companies called Nilkamal Ltd. She Picked Nilkamal Ltd in the Year 2014 when the stock price was hovering near Rs 200 and in just 3 years stock touched it high of Rs. 2280.

Key Lessons shared by Dolly Khanna

(i) Have an Income source

Marquee Investor Dolly Khanna keeps a simple ideology that investors must have multiple revenue streams while investing in the stock market.

Having multiple sources of income gives ample opportunities over the ordinary investors, because it may provide a better position to accumulate valuable stocks in the discounted market whereas ordinary investors will not have such an option.

To start the stock market journey, investors can create multiple revenue streams by different methods like by doing a part-time job, starting a skill-based profession, or by delivering their knowledge online. This will not only generate money for their further investment but also help in nourishing their skills and talent.

(ii) Power of Compounding

Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it”.

In mathematical terms, compound interest is a type of exponential function. And the reason it's so magical, as Munger points out, is that “The big money is not in the buying or the selling, but in the waiting.”

Likewise, her husband Rajeev Khanna believes in long-term investing, that's given him a strong financial status in the Indian stock market.

As a Matter of Fact, Mrs. Khanna investment is compounding from the year 1996 when she started with just a few lakhs. As of April 2022, Dolly Khanna’s net worth was Rs 543.6 crore.

(iii) Buy What you know

Dolly Khanna Always invested in such businesses of which she has a better understanding. She believes in investing in a business in which she has better knowledge, better understanding, and impeccable values.

In 2003, Mr. Khanna invested a sum of 5-7 lakhs into a company named Unitech Ltd which used to deal in the Real Estate business. His Invested amount turned Rs 25 cr in 2008.

Both Khanna's advise investors to hold such stocks that have realistic convictions, strong fundamentals, and with a competitive edge.

To have a better insight into the stocks, an investor can go through the company's website, Investors and Corporates presentations along with Concalls. These materials/sources will absolutely help an investor.

Moreover, An Investor can switch to the scuttlebutt approach, because the Scuttlebutt approach can bring help in collecting real feedback which can help in knowing the company or products in a better way.

(iv) Risk awareness

Dolly Khanna made unexceptional wealth from the market. Before investing in any company she closely analyzes a company in such a way so that she can find all associated risks and take a relevant decision as well. She looks for Corporates Governance, Impacts of Government policies, Whistleblowers, and many more.

Investors must be questioning themselves before entering into any stock, why they chose this business, and what are the risks associated with the company? what are the strength and weaknesses of the company?

Moreover, Investors can find as many investment opportunities, such as investment in Larges Caps, Mid Caps, Small cap Mutual Funds, and Government bonds. Before investing in any securities they must calculate the proportion of risk that they are going to bear.

However, Having answers to all uncertain aspects of the business could make you a better decision-maker even in tough times.

(v) Never Depend on stock tips

If taming the stock market was so easy everyone would do it. Losing money in the market is real, and facing all the volatility of the stock market is part of the deal.

Investors should never forget, that no one can predict the market. But still, many innocent investors get trapped in stock tip clutches.

Investors must avoid stock advisory from unknowns so that they do not fall into their trap where they tend to play pump and dump with the stocks.

Dependency on others' convictions can put you into serious trouble and ruin your portfolio too. So, investors must not fall for stock tips.

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References:  News Publications and Interviews.

Disclaimer: The report only represents personal opinions and views of the author. No part of the report should be considered as recommendation for buying/selling any stock. Thus, the report & references mentioned are only for the information of the readers about the industry stated.

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